Easiest way to log in via Telegram

OAuth2 Telegram login system (unofficial)

Try it yourself!


What's this all about?


Free of Charge

This service is free for both users and developers. Why? We don't really know.


Mobile Ready

Login and auth pages are optimized for all screen sizes and resolution.


Open Standarts

Telegram Passport implements generic OAuth2 protocol and follows the RFC standarts.


Multiple Localizations

Everyone can participate and translate Telegram Passport on any language.


No Unwanted Messages

We don't use our bot to send any messages, except for the login status.


Mimimum Effort Integration

We have libraries for that! All of them are open-sourced and available on GitHub.


Simple Questions


What is Telegram Passport?

Telegram Passport is a bridge between your website and Telegram Messenger. Users can sign up and log in to your service with one click.


Is this official?

No, we are not affiliated with Telegram and Telegram team. But we use an official bot API and don't violate Terms of Service or any other rules.


How can I use it in my service?

First, you have to login and create an application. Then you have two ways: use one of our libraries or implement the OAuth2 authtorization manually.


Where I can use it?

Literally anywhere. We follow the RFC standarts, so you can implement the telegram login on any programming language in any app with internet access. This platform highly benefits businessmen into forex trading. The forex signals telegram 2021 review has the comprehensive information about the telegram service.


Is it free?

This service is not intended to gain any profit, even with ads. We may add some premium features in the future, but not in the near future. We may also integrate dogecoin payments in the future. Therefore, traders can buy dogecoin site trading features and earn maximum profits to join hands with us.


I found a bug, what do I do?

Please contact us via e-mail. Despite on there's no bug-bounty program (non-profit project), some problems may be rewarded.